This animation is based on a simple storyline. The name of this animation is RocketFlyer because of the main characters ability to fly similar to that of a rocket. RocketFlyer is actually a creature that is the mother of 4 chicks. Her responsibility is to raise, feed, and love her children. The main villain is The Hunter; a creature that is out to capture his next meal. This project is an animation based on a fantasy world filled with imaginative creatures and wonderful environments. I also wanted to depict how life might be on another planet.

I have always been interested in the multiple steps it takes to design characters, their environments, and bring them to life. I chose animation because I am interested in telling stories through movement and sound. There’s an entertaining quality to animation that I appreciate. My interest in animation originates from my younger years when I was obsessed with cartoons that dealt with good vs. evil. By the time I was in high school I started to experiment in Adobe Flash. This has been the main software that I use when creating animations.


Copyright 2010, 2011 by Alex Palacio and Johan Palacio